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2024 CMEF Triumph: IVD Solutions of YZY Reach USA, India, Russia and Beyond


We received an amazing response at the Shanghai International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) 2024!  Huge thanks to all our overseas partners and visitors who visited our booth. The visitors come from Asian,Europe,USA, Africa, their enthusiasm and insights have further strengthened our commitment to IVD innovation.

Each interaction not only shared knowledge but also fostered new connections. We deeply appreciate the visitors' feedback, which continues to fuel our drive forward.

The qPCR kits of YZY , PGx &CDx have entered into 600 hospitals in China, while CTCBIOPSY-A10, entered into 200 Chinese hospitals. Now our products have exported to India,Thailand,Russia and US. We remain dedicated to driving innovation in the IVD field, to become a leading enterprise in the field of personalized medicine!